Generative AI

Artificial intelligence is having an increasing impact on our society and therefore education, including the introduction of the chatbot ChatGPT.

This tool makes it possible to generate (almost) perfect texts, write e-mails and assignments. ChatGPT is a form of generative AI. In generative AI, the user gives a command or asks a question, which allows the model to interpret the command and thus generate content. The chatbot ChatGPT is part of an ever-growing movement. There are many other chatbots available besides ChatGPT and this number will only increase. There are also rapid developments in other generative AI, which generate images or videos, for example. On this page, the focus will be on generative AI.

Guidelines generative AI

Utrecht University has the following guidelines regarding generative AI (GenAI): Students may use GenAI if the lecturer indicates that this is allowed. The student must follow the rules indicated by the lecturer about the ways in which it may and may not be used and how it should be referenced. Tools are being developed to clarify for lecturers what choices can be made, so that these choices are properly and clearly communicated to students. Students are never allowed to submit work developed entirely by GenAI as their own. If this does happen, it is considered fraud, see the Education and examination regulations (OER) below.

There are situations where it is not immediately clear whether GenAI may be used. So in that case, the lecturer decides, often based on the intended learning outcomes. For example, using a chatbot to improve an already written text will usually not be allowed when the aim is to improve writing skills, but it will be allowed for many other learning outcomes.

Furthermore, it is important for students to be transparent about the use of GenAI. There are gradations in this too. Sometimes it will be enough just to mention its use. Sometimes it can be included as a source in the source list and some assignments will require prompts to be mentioned as well. The various options are also worked out for this, so that the lecturer can make a well-considered choice for each assignment.

4 Steps to start with GenAI

Getting started with Generative AI in education

As a teacher, how do you deal with Generative AI in your teaching? What choices can you make and how do you communicate this clearly?



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