Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

We offer several MOOCs: Massive Online Open Courses. These allow you to explore scientific subjects from the comfort of your own home. As the name implies, these courses are free and open to everyone.

Frequently asked questions about our MOOCs

When can I enroll in a MOOC?

There are four start dates for each MOOC during the year, which are listed below.

Start date 110 Feb
Start date 24 May
Start date 37 Sept
Start date 42 Nov

However, these start dates are flexible. You can register for and start a MOOC at any time and follow the course at your own pace.

How can I enroll in a MOOC?

You can enroll by clicking one of the MOOCs listed on this page. You will find more information about the MOOC and a link to the Coursera website where you can enroll. 

How do I access my MOOC course?

When you have chosen a MOOC and completed the enrollment process, you will receive access to the online environment from which you can take the online course. From here you will receive all the information you need to complete the course.

Do I receive a certificate when I have successfully completed a MOOC?

You  can choose whether you want to receive a certificate or not. A certificate is proof that you completed and passed the course. In order to get a Course Certificate, you must complete an online verification, pass all assignments in the course and pay the course certificate fee.

What kind of topics can I study through MOOCs?

You can take an online course in almost any research topic. MOOCs can teach you about a new language, mathematics, economics, arts, you name it.

The MOOCs of Utrecht University can be found at Coursera; an international platform for MOOCs. The available MOOCs are listed at the top of this page.