Student Award Social Impact

During the opening of the academic year, the social impact prize is awarded to a UU student or group of students who have excelled in the social field alongside their studies. This can be in the broadest sense of the word, considering, among other things, the impact on society, the impact on the image of students and the sustainability of the project.

A student/group of students can be nominated by either persons from within (lecturers, support staff, fellow students etc.) or outside (family members, friends etc.) the university community or nominate themselves. In the latter case, the nomination should be supported by a 'sponsor', someone from the society or university involved with the student or project. The following criteria must be met:

  • The student or group of students has made an impact in the social field in addition to their studies
  • The student or group of students has made a positive impact on the image of students
  • The student must have been enrolled at UU for at least 1 month between May 2023 and May 2024. In the case of a group of students, the majority must meet this requirement.

The winner of the award receives a certificate and a sum of 1.500 euro’s, for the project's efforts.

The deadline for nominations is June 1st each year. A nomination can be submitted via the attached form containing:

  • Details of the nominated student(s) (including CV(s))
  • Motivation for the nomination
  • Description of the activities
  • Various explanatory questions

Download the complete regulations of the Student Award, social impact category.

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Composition of the jury 2024

  • Prof P.R. (Dop) Bär, chairman, emeritus professor of Biomedical Sciences
  • Drs F.C.N.M. (Femke) den Boer, Director of Policy Centre for Science Communication and Culture)
  • Chiara Stam, student-assessor Executive Board
  • Representatives of the winners student award Social Impact 2023

Secretary: Lennart van Wageningen, policy advisor student affairs. Contact for more information


See the archive of previous winners and nominees on the page Winners Students Award Social Impact.