Best Master's Thesis

The Best Master's Thesis Award is an annual award for UU students. The award winner will be announced during the ceremony for the Start of the Academic Year in September. 

The winner will receive an award which consists of a certificate and €1,500.


Nominees need to meet certain specific criteria. The submitted graduate thesis or -research must for instance have received a mark of at least an 8.5 and the student has to be a student of Utrecht University. You cannot submit your thesis yourself; the thesis has to be submitted by the Director of Education or the Research Director of the Master’s programme for which the thesis was written.

The full list of criteria, the submission form and the jury 2023-2024 are:
Submission form

Jury Best Masterthesis Award

Chair: Wouter Boon - GEO 

  • Niels Bosma - REBO
  • Toine Pieters - BETA
  • Annemarie Spruijt - DGK
  • Bernard Roelen - DGK
  • Ed Moret - BETA
  • Coco Kanters - GW
  • Erik Jacobs -  UCU
  • Kirsten Buist - FSW

Jury Vliegenthart Masterthesis Award (Subject 2023-2024 - Natural Sciences)

Chair: Hans Vliegenthart 

  • Jack Middelburg
  • Jason Frank
  • Florian Berger
  • Deb Panja

Secretary: Angela Schluter (, Corporate Office

More information: Angela Schluter (, Student and Academic Affairs’ Office


Also see the Archive of thesis awards, for the nominees and winners of previous years.