Every year, some 550 Utrecht PhD candidates obtain their doctorate

At Utrecht University, earning a PhD is a hands-on process that involves relatively little coursework.

You will conduct research from day one, which will allow you to develop your own ideas within the research group's theme. You will remain in close contact with your supervisors throughout the programme.


11 October 2017
The Utrecht Center for Game Research launched a magazine highlighting several research projects and researchers in the field of games.
Innovatie in Betalen omslag dossier ESB
4 October 2017
The opinion piece discusses the impact that virtual currencies may have on the future of customer identification standards.
27 September 2017
​The first book length overview of a central topic in psychology, linguistics, and philosophy, published in open access.
book cover The European Union and the Arctic
27 September 2017
Richard Caddell published about the implications for Arctic indigenous communities of EU policies towards marine mammals.
Een foto van een desktop computer.
25 September 2017
The government is struggling with complex ICT issues.