Honours Teaching Course for lecturers

The Honours Teaching Course focuses on further professionalising lecturers in honours education. Participants in this programme can learn with and from each other by sharing knowledge and deepen their knowledge in honours teaching. By doing so, forming a community of expert teachers with a vision on honours programmes within the Utrecht University.

The course is meant for lecturers who are already involved in honours programmes of Utrecht University and consists of three meetings.

Theme’s that occur in every programme:

  • Who are talented students and what are their characteristics and desires?
  • What teacher characteristics and competences match with honours teaching?
  • What kind of educational design fits with honours teaching?

Besides these themes, the programme will be designed by the learning question of the participants and participants will work on an intervention in their own honours programme.

The course is established in a collaboration between the UU Honours College, the Centre for Academic Teaching and Educational Development and Training. The organisation and applications are taken care of by the Centre for Academic Teaching (cat@uu.nl).