TOP Academy Utrecht University

Explanations and examples of practical education from Utrecht University

Growth through work-based learning

The university educates people - from practical training to PhD. Everyone who chooses Utrecht University gets the chance to develop themselves here. With this in mind, the university started a TOP Academy.

stagiair bij de TOP academie
Trainee of TOP Academy

Education in practice

At the TOP Academy, schools and organisations work together to provide vocational education. TOP Academy pupils come from practical education, where they follow a theoretical or practical route. The work environment is the best place for them to learn. In a master-apprentice construction, TOP Academy pupils learn to work and develop social skills to increase their chances on the labour market considerably. This way, they are prepared for the labour market and/or follow-up courses.

Stagiair bij de TOP academie
Trainee of TOP Academy

Where do I find TOP Academy pupils?

Many TOP Academy pupils execute their work placement at the Utrecht University Facilities Services Centre. You will therefore regularly encounter these trainees on campus and in the city centre. Some examples of where you can find them are behind the reception desk, in security, in cleaning or in maintenance. Usually, the pupils are in the company of a staff member or a practice trainer. You will recognise the pupils by the red T-shirts they wear when they are at work.


The university is currently expanding the TOP Academy to other departments and faculties. The university is therefore looking for staff members with ideas for internships within their own faculties or departments.

Are you a staff member at Utrecht University and do you have ideas for an internship within your faculty or department? Would you like to supervise pupils or do you want to know more about the TOP Academy at the university? If so, please contact or

Participating schools of TOP Academy Utrecht University

Pouwer college, Kranenburg, Futura College, De Baanbreker and the Seyster college (all websites in Dutch).

Additional information

Learn2work (in Dutch) is the organisation behind a number of TOP Academies, and has been asked by the Municipality of Utrecht to link organisations and schools. Learn2work supports the participating parties in the implementation of the activities and the curriculums.

Stagiair bij de TOP Academie
Trainee of TOP Academy