Courses for PhD candidates

[More general information for PhD candidates can be found on Intranet]

PhD candidates follow specific courses and training to deepen and broaden their knowledge and expertise, and to acquire the academic and career orientation skills necessary to become independent scientists or to prepare for a career outside academia. PhD candidates are expected to take the initiative, to look for solutions and to be proactive. At the start of the PhD track, the PhD candidate and the supervisor draw up a development plan [intranet] together and decide which courses are appropriate and relevant. This plan is updated annually.

For whom?

Unless described differently, the courses and training listed below are intended for PhD candidates from the Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, but PhD candidates from other graduate schools can also attend (in that case please contact the PhD Office via

Furthermore, courses in the research Master’s programmes of the Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences are open to FSBS PhD candidates as well (if the courses are not fully booked). Information on availability can be requested at the Student Information Point.

The Graduate School of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers several courses, some of which are organized in collaboration with local research programs, with national research networks or research schools or a combination of these.

Course fee

If a course provider requests a course fee, PhD candidates can apply for a reimbursement from the PhD Office on beforehand, via (with the exception of discipline-specific courses). The PhD-office will assess whether the course is eligible for reimbursement.

Missing anything?

If there are specific courses that you think are missing in this list, please let us know via


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