Individual Development

Ontwikkeling van kinderen

Why some children thrive, and others don't

Most children develop well and find their way into society without many problems, but not all children manage to do so. We know that this difference is related to a combination of the child’s disposition and the environment in which he or she is raised. We want to understand the role of brain development herein, how children’s chances for thriving are determined by their (grand) parents, and how we can better guide children’s development.

The Consortium on Individual Development (CID) is a cooperation between researchers from  Utrecht University lead by professor Chantal Kemner, University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, Groningen University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Radboud University Nijmegen and the Free University Amsterdam.

The CID programme has a subsidy of 27 million euro for a 10 year period from NWO Gravity, intended to create scientific breakthrough.