In addition to the departments, the Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences also has a number of support teams. These teams are based at the Utrecht Science Park, in the Sjoerd Groenman Building at Padualaan 14. More information can be found on the intranet.

Dean's Office

the Dean's Office provides secretarial support to the Faculty Board and the Faculty Council.
More information: Inge Bakker-van Leeuwen or Vera Boonekamp.

Communications & Marketing

Communications & Marketing is responsible for the faculty's internal and external communications and plays an advisory role.
Head of Communications & Marketing: Eveline Meeuwissen.

Finance & Control

Finance & Control carries out a range of financial tasks for the faculty.
Head of Finance & Control: Stefan van Hameren.

Estate & Facilities

Estate & Facilities is responsible for facilities, ICT and accommodation in the central zone of the Utrecht Science Park.
Head of Estate & Facilities for central zone: Miranda van Heesch.

Human Resources

Human Resources advises managers and supervisors on personnel & organisation policy.
Head of Human Resources: Bart de Waijer.

Student Affairs

Student Affairs supports the educational policy of the faculty and arranges organisational, logistical and administrative affairs relating to education.
Head of Student Affairs: Martijn van der Weerd.

Research Policy & Support

Research Policy & Support assists the Faculty Board in research-related affairs and is responsible for the Research Support Office (whose tasks include assisting researchers with funding requests and knowledge transfer) and the PhD Office (PhD-related affairs).
Head of Research Policy & Support: Henk van Rinsum.