Support Teams

In addition to the departments, the Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences also has a number of support teams. More information can be found on the intranet.

Dean's Office

The Dean's Office provides secretarial support to the Faculty Board and the Faculty Council.
More information: Mariska Phielix (Head of the Dean's Office), Inge Bakker-van Leeuwen, Anuschka Mulder-Van Gameren or Madelon Pieper.

Communications & Marketing

Communications & Marketing is responsible for the faculty's internal and external communications and plays an advisory role.
Head of Communications & Marketing: Eveline Meeuwissen.

Finance & Control

Finance & Control carries out a range of financial tasks for the faculty.
Head of Finance & Control: Robert Buizer.

Housing & Technology Services (HTS)

Housing & Technology Services is responsible for facilities, ICT and accommodation in the central zone of the Utrecht Science Park.
Head of Housing & Technology Services for central zone: Miranda van Heesch.

Human Resources

Human Resources advises managers and supervisors on personnel & organisation policy.
Head of Human Resources: Bart de Waijer.

Student Affairs

Student Affairs supports the educational policy of the faculty and arranges organisational, logistical and administrative affairs relating to education.
Head of Student Affairs: Martijn van der Weerd.

Research & Grant Office

Research & Grant Office assists the Faculty Board in research-related affairs and is responsible for the Research Support Office (whose tasks include assisting researchers with funding requests and knowledge transfer) and the PhD Office (PhD-related affairs).
Head of Research & Grant Office: Ilske Timmermans.


Faculty Ethics Review Board (FERB)

The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences has had a Faculty Ethics Review Board (FERB) since 2014. The Faculty Board takes as a point of departure that the research at the Faculty of Social Sciences is carried out in an ethically responsible manner, in accordance with the applicable codes of conduct and professional codes as well as the applicable (European, national and international) legislation and regulations.
The FERB promotes, monitors and assesses ethical conduct in scientific research. The Upon request, the FERB provides advice on the ethical aspects of a study to be conducted and, also on request, examines research proposals in this respect. It also assesses whether a study should be submitted to a Medical Ethics Review Board (MERB).

Composition of our faculty’s Ethics Review Board:

More information: website Ethics Review Board of the Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences

Scientific Integrity Committee

The Faculty of Social Sciences has a Scientific Integrity Committee that advises the Faculty Board on the subject of scientific integrity. Members of this committee are Professors Peter van der Heijden (Chair), Ineke Maas and Marcel van den Hout. Jacqueline Tenkink-de Jong assists the committee.

An important facet of scientific integrity is the way in which researchers handle their research data. Since September 2014, the faculty has had a protocol to organise the storage of research data in a careful and transparent manner. This protocol regulates the storage of data on which a publication is based; in other words, the protocol covers the end of the publication process. The current version of this protocol can be considered as adding detail to the University policy framework for research data Utrecht University published in early 2016.

The careful and transparent storage of research and personal data during the process of collection and processing, a so-called Data Management Plan, has the committee’s full attention. A new faculty data protocol on this subject is currently being drafted in order to comply with the new European privacy legislation (General Data Protection Regulation). The faculty has meanwhile - in consultation and cooperation with the ITS department of the university – arranged for its own storage and has made available a server that meets the standards as specified in the protocol. More information on this topic can be obtained from the FSW-Lab coordinator, Dennis Hofman.

For questions about the protocol, staff or other interested parties may contact Peter van der Heijden, Chair of the Scientific Integrity Committee. The faculty protocol for data storage is available in both Dutch and English.