Internationalisation is one of the most important priority areas for the faculty in the years ahead. The goal for 2020: a faculty that is more diverse and international across the board.

Wherever you end up working, it always helps if you’ve had international training

FSW internationalisering
The importance of internationalisation

Internationalisation does not work in isolation. On the contrary, the Faculty Board believes that internationalisation is essential to strengthening the quality of our education, research and social impact even further. Why? Because students need international skills so as to excel in a globalising labour market. Because top-quality research is by definition conducted in an international context. And because researchers contribute to solving social issues that often transcend our national borders.

The goal for 2020

The faculty aims to be more international in several areas by the year 2020. All Master’s programmes at the faculty will be taught in English, made accessible to international students and structured in such a way that students will be optimally prepared for the globalising labour market. In 2020, the faculty will be a more diverse community: one that welcomes students and staff from all over the world. Academics and international partners will also be better able to connect with each other for intensive collaboration in a challenging research environment. This international basis will help the faculty to increase its contribution to solving cross-border social issues even further.