Continuing Education

The Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences offers a variety of training courses for professionals who wish to continue their education. We organise these courses in close cooperation with the professional field. Because of this, we are able to keep track of the current scientific insights that professionals need and field-test our offer continuously.

If you are a social and behavioural sciences professional who is looking for a course or training to expand your knowledge, whether in breadth or in depth, click on the button below to access the website with our complete continuing education offer.

Educational Development & Training

Educational Development & Training (ED&T) offers teaching professionals training, advice and tailor-made solutions with regard to teaching issues throughout their career. In addition, ED&T provides support to organisations with an interest in lifelong learning.

Teacher training

Professionals who are seeking a first-grade or limited second-grade teaching qualification for secondary education can attend the Graduate School of Teaching, where they can obtain these qualifications either before or during their teaching career.

Contract teaching

Some components of our regular curriculum are also accessible to participants who are not enrolled as students. Most of these components require prior knowledge at higher professional education level or above. Participants pay per course or cluster of courses.


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