Faculty Board and Council

Faculty Board

The Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences is led by the Dean. The Dean and the Vice-Deans are responsible for research and/or education. The Director is responsible for operations and the student member (assessor) represents his/her fellow students. The Board is supported by the Faculty Office.

Faculty Board Social and Behavioural Sciences
Faculty Board: Ilske Timmermans, Irene Klugkist, Frank Jan van Dijk, Jan van Tartwijk, Leonie Wijngaards-de Meij, Mariska Phielix, Nienke Luijckx and Sander Thomaes

Faculty Office/Secretariat

Langeveldgebouw, Utrecht Science Park
Heidelberglaan 1, 3584 CH Utrecht
Telefoon: (030) – 253 4180 /1481

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the representative body for staff and students. The Dean consults with the Faculty Council on matters concerning the Board and the organisation of the Faculty.