About Breaking Science

Breaking Science is an annual science communication competition for early career researchers (PhDs and postdocs). They have just three minutes to present their research or a scientific concept from their field of study to a panel of coaches.

The coaches will select the best 2 participants based on 3 criteria (content, clarity and connection). The winners of the heat will then continue on to the final. But the winner doesn't take it all. Everybody goes home with newly acquired skills in storytelling and presenting on stage.

Mastering the skill of pitching is very useful for explaining your research to non-scientists. Whether it is to your grandparents or for obtaining personal grants. Breaking Science offers the opportunity to learn and improve this skill.


Before entering the contest the contestants will be trained by the professionals of Artesc. A unique experience during which they will learn how to design your pitch, how to bring this to the stage and how to engage with the audience.

    I managed to push myself way out of my comfort zone with big audiences and I believe that will help me a lot in future presentations and outreach activities.

    Paulina Nunez Bernal, contestant Breaking Science 2022


    During 4 heats the contestants will compete with each other (approximately 7 researchers per heat). The contestants will be judged by a jury consisting of a researcher and a science journalist. The top 2 contestants will move on to the final!


    In the final, 8 contestants will present their final pitch. All heats as well as the final will take place in Parnassos Cultural Centre.

    The winner

    A jury will assess all pitches based on content, clarity and connection. The winner of the final receives €1500 to be spent on attending conferences or summer schools.

    Impression of Breaking Science

    “Giving the pitch was nice and a cool experience in and of itself, but the real value and experience to me comes mainly from the training sessions! Presenting was a nice conclusion to this amazing workshop.”

    Contestant Breaking Science 2019