Within society, we deal with issues such as discrimination in the job market, reintegration at work, growing up in a multicultural neighbourhood, developing your individual identity, high-risk behaviour in young people, growing inequality and the accessibility of care. At the same time, your behaviour – or that of your family, friends, neighbours, ethnic group or country – impacts your surroundings, and vice versa.
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences focuses on understanding these complex issues and on finding solutions to the individual and societal problems that play a role in them.

We often don't know what drives human behaviour. Psychologists study micro-processes, sociologists study structural processes, anthropologists study socio-cultural processes, and so on. Comprehensive explanations emerge from interdisciplinary research.
Hoogleraar Algemene Sociale Wetenschappen John de Wit

The Department of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences studies current issues within three key themes: