Future PhD candidates

The objective of a PhD track is to train PhD candidates to become independent academic researchers. As a PhD candidate in the Netherlands, you are not a student but a university employee in most cases, in some cases you are a guest PhD candidate (when you are doing your PhD track on a scholarship or via an institution). The Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences therefore does not have a standard enrolment procedure, with the exception of the section Cultural Anthropology (for more information on the procedure with Cultural Anthropology read the section Application for a PhD track.

Doing a PhD with a UHD with ius promovendi

During their programme, PhD candidates work on a research project under the supervision of a professor or a University Teacher (UHD) with promotion rights (ius promovendus). The research culminates in a doctoral thesis or a series of articles in academic journals. PhD candidates also dedicate part of their time to education and training provided by the Graduate School. Employed PhD candidates also undertake teaching duties themselves.



Regina van den Eijnden

Interdisciplinary Social Science

Carlijn Kamphuis

Interdisciplinary Social Science

Borja Martinovic

Interdisciplinary Social Science

Jochem Thijs

Interdisciplinary Social Science

Elske Salemink

Clinical Psychology

Willem Frankenhuis

Developmental Psychology

Ben Harvey

Experimental Psychology

Tanja Nijboer

Experimental Psychology

Leendert van Maanen

Experimental Psychology

Ruud Custers

Social, Health and Organisational Psychology

Ineke Maas


Eva Jaspers


Mirjam Moerbeek

Methodology and Statistics