Responsible Conduct of Research

Mandatory for: PhD candidates of FSBS

Start date(s): several times a year, a schedule is shared as soon as the dates are available for a new academic year

Time investment:
Year 1: 1 meeting, approx. 3 hours
Year 2: 2 meetings spread over 4 weeks plus online working, each week approx. 3 hours
Year 3: 2 meetings spread over 3 weeks or 5 weeks (depending on the course of choice)   plus online working, each week approx. 2,5 hours
Year 4: under development, to be decided

Location: we offer the meetings online or on location (not hybrid), locations vary

Provider: FSW, you will be invited by the PhD Office

Fee: not applicable

Aim of the course
Being a scientist brings challenges, and not always only related to the content of your research. There will be many responsibilities, not only to your direct supervisor, but also towards your colleagues, your field, science in general and society. What this course will do is help you to think about how you can be a responsible researcher. Aspects of Responsible Conduct of Research will be discussed, and most importantly, you will have ample opportunity to discuss issues that arise with your fellow PhD’s, open discussion will be stimulated. The course’s aim is to empower you to stay true to your critical attitude, and to feel empowered to address shortcomings when you encounter them. There will be seductions and challenges put on you by supervisors, ‘the system’ and your own ambitions. This course will discuss daily life experiences in research practice and will help you to navigate the grey areas of science in a responsible way.

As research integrity is a topic that involves everyone who is part of the academic community, the focus in this course will not so much be on serious cases of misconduct, but rather on the ‘grey zone areas’ where daily research decisions can turn into integrity issues. The PhD candidates’ own research experience is highly relevant in this course. Participants are invited to share their own experiences, and to think carefully about what is needed to becoming better equipped to face and deal with integrity issues (in the future) by sharing thoughts with all in this course. Obviously, all cases will be respectfully and constructively discussed.

The course is spread over a period of four years. Each year you will follow at least one module. For the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences the PhD Office organises the courses and informs about and invites PhD candidates for the modules. The courses are coordinated and taught by Joke Baas, Jaap Bos, and Minet de Wied.