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SIG Learning Spaces – Co-Creation Community

The Learning Spaces Community is a forum for everyone with a passion for higher education (innovation) and a special interest in the (physical, digital and hybrid) learning environment at Utrecht University. We meet regularly to exchange experiences and discuss good practices related to the use and design of learning spaces, share research and innovations in the field, and to explore the broader learning environment at Utrecht University.

We welcome participation from all members of the Utrecht University community, including students, both academic and non-academic staff, faculty, administrators and policy makers, who are interested in the design and use of learning spaces. Meetings may include presentations by guest speakers, tours of innovative learning spaces, and brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas and solutions. The goal of the group is to promote co-creation, collaboration and communication across departments, programmes and disciplines, and to stimulate and advice on continuous improvement in the development and use of future-proof spaces for teaching and learning at Utrecht University.

Leads: Tom FrijnsLen Dijstelbloem and Laurien Jansen 

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Some examples of SIG Learning Spaces' meetings