SIG Game Based Learning

Are you looking for interactive and engaging methods to spice up your classes? Are you interested in effective and creative alternatives to engage with highly complex material? Do you sometimes just feel bored and want to have some fun? Then join our Special Interest Group about Game based learning.

Games and simulations are some of the best methods to abstract, analyze and concretize our ever-increasing complex world. The wish, or need, to play will therefore increase exponentially. Games and simulations are currently not only widely recognized methods for analysis, they are also effective tools for training diplomats, managers, businesses, negotiators, commanders and peacebuilders around the world. (War)games are also increasingly popular among gamers, hobbyists, historians, and basement-dwellers around the world; who play for fun, understanding and intellectual challenge. And there is good news: The Golden Age of board games is upon us and you are lucky enough to live in its heyday.

Upcoming meetings (2023):

  • More information will follow.

This SIG is initiated by Kim Mastwijk, Marijne Wijnker, Davitze Könning and Femke Kirschner.

Join us, play games, learn more, have fun.

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