As an undergraduate student, you have the option to follow a Minor as a part of your Bachelor’s programme. A complete overview of all the Minors available at Utrecht University, including those offered by the Faculty of Science, can be found on the Minorsite.

What is a Minor?

A Minor consists of a coherent package of at least four optional subjects dealing with a specific topic. A Minor can form up to 25% of your undergraduate programme (depending on the options you choose).

Utrecht University offers over 100 different Minors across its various faculties, and you are free to choose from any of them, regardless of your main programme. So if, for example, your main subject is Chemistry, you can still take a Minor in Italian.

Science Minors: subject-specific or theme-related

Minors offered by the Faculty of Science are either subject-specific or theme-related. A subject-specific Minor enables you to explore a small area in great depth, deepening your specialist knowledge. This is particularly practical if you plan to go on to study for a Master’s degree. A theme-related Minor allows you to explore more widely around a given theme. It will broaden your knowledge, and often explores new fields or topics of current interest. The theme-related science Minors draw on a range of programmes in the Faculty.


Enrolment for a minor consists of registration for courses that belong to the minor of your choice. The information needed to register for these courses, and also for electives is explained here.