Best Master's Thesis

The Best Master's Thesis Award is an annual award. The award winner will be announced during the ceremony for the new Academic Year in September.

The winner will receive an award which consists of a certificate and €1,500.

Latest news

Roos Ykema, winnaar studentenprijs.
4 September 2017
During the opening of the academic year, Rector Magnificus Bert van der Zwaan awarded the student prizes to Maarten Bransen and Roos Ykema.




Nominees need to meet certain specific criteria. The submitted graduate thesis must for instance have received a mark of at least an 8.5. You cannot submit your thesis yourself; the thesis has to be submitted by the Director of Education or the Research Director of the Master’s programme for which the thesis was written.

The deadline for nominating candidates is Friday May 18th.

Download the full list of criteria (pdf), Best Master’s Thesis category

THE JURY - 2017-2018

  • Prof. dr. P. (Peter) Driessen, chairman, Geosciences
  • Prof. dr. A.S. (Anna) Akhmanova, Life Sciences
  • Prof. dr. J.W. (Hans) Bertens, Humanities
  • Prof. dr. ir. J. (Jos) Malda, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
  • Prof. dr. W. (Willem) Koops, Social Sciences
  • Prof. dr. E. (Elaine) Mak, Law, Economics and Governance
  • Prof. dr. A. (Andries) Meijerink, Natural Sciences
  • Prof. dr. B. (Belle) Derks, Social Sciences

Secretary: K. (Kim) Zunderdorp, Academic Affairs, Education Department

More information: Kim Zunderdorp (, Academic Affairs, Education Department


Also see the Archive of thesis awards, for the nominees and winners of previous years.