Theo van Haeften - Senior Fellow Theo van Haeften is an associate professor with an educational profile at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and has a strong involvement in the improvement and innovation of the veterinary curriculum. His educational philosophy is based on student-oriented learning and the role of assessment for an optimal learning environment. Experiences and studies show that longitudinal or programmatic testing can be very effective in steering the learning behaviour of students in an optimal way. In his Senior Fellow project Theo wants to implement progress testing, as part of a new longitudinal testing programme, in the bachelor curriculum of the study of Veterinary Medicine. Feedback on assessment is essential to provide students with information that gives insight into the learning process and further development. In addition to information from a limited number of summative tests, results obtained from progress testing can also be used to obtain a reliable and valid picture of the level of competence of the students concerned. During the course of the programme, students will therefore receive continuous information about their own development in relation to the final attainment levels of the programme and can then actively intervene where necessary. For more information see his project proposal.