Humanities Teacher Training Trajectory

In Humanities Teacher Training Trajectory, starting teachers within the Faculty of Humanities are supervised by experienced meta-teachers in their professional development in education. The starting point for the course is the Utrecht education model in which personal, activating and small-scale education are paramount. Eight meetings are organized during one academic year: In the first semester, the meetings are focused on the principles of providing good university workgroup teaching, with their own concrete, new experiences with university education as the starting point: What does and doesn’t work? How did you experience that as a student and now as a teacher?

In the second semester, specific topics that are part of the task of professional teachers, such as blended learning, inclusive classroom, assessment and assessment quality and course design, are discussed in more detail. The educational products that the participants will develop for these meetings are part of the BKO portfolio and allow participants to meet all the requirements for achieving the BKO at the end of the course. 

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