Humanities Teacher Training Trajectory

In the Humanities Teacher Training Trajectory, starting teachers within the Faculty of Humanities are supervised by experienced teachers in their professional development in education. The starting point for the course is the Utrecht education model in which personal, activating and small-scale education are paramount. During an academic year, eight meetings are organized around three didactic qualities that are required to obtain the Basic Teaching Qualification (BKO); teaching, testing and designing education. The preparation and meetings of the course contribute to knowledge and skills that will be tested in a final portfolio.

Who can join the course?
The Humanities Teacher Training Trajectory is open to all staff within the Faculty of Humanities (and from UCU and UCR who work within the Humanities) who during their appointment (or a possible extension) are able to meet the stated cumulative standard of a total of 0,6 FTE in teaching activities.

What is expected of me?
For all meetings, participants are expected to be prepared and present. Preparation for the meetings will be announced in advance.

How do I register?
Registrations for the Humanities Teacher Training Trajectory is made through the head of the department. A request to participate goes through the supervisor who, after approval, will ensure that the candidate is registered.