Grants for research

The CAT funding calendar provides an overview of dates on which to submit applications for different grants. 

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SURF Open and online incentive scheme

In this incentive scheme, SURF and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science are challenging Dutch higher education institutions to experiment with different types of open and online education. Institutions are invited to submit project proposals and apply for financing.

Incentive scheme: two tracks

Dutch higher education who would like to experiment with open and online education, can respond to a yearly call for proposals. The call consists of 2 tracks: 1. online education, and 2. open educational resources.To be eligible in track 1, projects have to concern education with a substantial online element, and they need to contribute to a higher quality of education within accredited educational programmes. Also, a yearly focus topic applies. Track 2 is meant for project proposals which to address the use and re-use of open educational material within specific fields of study. Only consortia may apply within this track. In both tracks, the educational material which is developed needs to be published online and freely accessible under a Creative Commons license.

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Source: SURF Open and online incentive scheme

NWO Human Capital programme

How can the connection between education and the employment market be improved? How can companies deal with their human capital more effectively? Which 21st-century skills are important for children and how can these best be learned? Within this programme, researchers and professional practitioners will consolidate their strengths to obtain scientific knowledge that is directly applicable in organisations.

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