Grants for innovation

Utrecht Education Incentive Fund (USO)

Educational innovation and the rewarding of excellent teachers is of great important to Utrecht University. The Education Incentive Fund was founded in 2013 to stimulate this, by making available yearly 2 million euros for the support of educational talent and educational innovation. Succesful examples from the past years include projects in the fields of (digital) didactics & testing, activated learning, matching & selection, honours programmes and the Master's graduate studies. 

Read more about the Education Incentive Fund here

UU Senior Fellow Programme

The Utrecht University Senior Fellow Programme is a selective programme which aims to strengthen educational leadership within the university and to increase the number of professors with a special focus on education. With this programme Utrecht University wants to reward good teaching and learning and stress the fact that career advancement is also possible through excellence in teaching (and not only through excellence in research). The programme also aims to promote innovation in teaching and learning and to increase the overall quality of education. Senior Fellows will play a key role in improving teaching and learning at Utrecht University. They will be an inspiration to their colleagues.

Read more about the UU Senior Fellow Programme here.

UU Fund LifeLong Learning

In order to put LifeLong Learning on the map within the university, funding is available to support the development of a new course. A project is eligible for funding if the target group is 23 years or older (up to retirement-age), working or looking for work in the Netherlands and it concerns post-initial education. Faculties and strategic themes can apply for support. This is done on the basis of dual commitment.

Read more about the UU fund LifeLong Learning here.

Stimulation Fund Diversity

Teachers with an idea to make academic education more inclusive, can ask for a contribution by the Stimulation Fund Diversity. Every year, the Utrecht University allocates € 50,000 for projects and activities that improve diversity among students and employees. The fund is an initiative of the Diversity Task Force.

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NRO Comeniusprogramme

The Comeniusprogramme stimulates innovation in Dutch higher education. The grants and fellowships enable professionals in higher education to implement their ideals and ideas in practice. By demonstrably valuing excellent and inspired teaching, the ministry of education is keen to contribute to more variety in the careers of teachers and researchers at universities and universities of applied sciences. Each year teachers can apply by submitting their proposal. The Centre for Academic Teaching supports teachers with preparing their proposal.

Read more about the Comeniusprogramme here

SURF/OCW Open and Online Education stimulus package

Open and online education provides opportunities to innovate teaching, improve the quality of education and boost academic outcomes. That is why the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (ECS) is making funding available both for experiments with online education and for initiatives using open course materials. For more information, see the SURF website (in Dutch). Within Utrecht University, Educate-it guides the proposals for this stimulus package. A concept proposal needs to be submitted via e-mail ( by 14 November 2019. Find more information about the internal procedure on intranet