SIG Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and Anorexia

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are considered two of the most promising emerging technologies for learning. They offer teachers and students with endless opportunities to enjoy experiences that would be otherwise inaccessible in a classroom setting (e.g. visit the Mount Everest or experience the cellular defence system from inside your body), while augmenting information by incorporating multimodal files. The increasing popularity of AR/VR has stimulated educators’ and researchers’ interest to explore their learning potential in education. Immersion, presence, interactivity and engagement are key features of these cutting-edge technologies.

Within Utrecht University various educators and researchers at different faculties are experimenting with the use of AR and/or VR in their teaching and researching their affordances for education. As such, the SIG AR/VR at Utrecht University aims to become a platform for sharing educational and research experiences and synergies, and spark new pedagogical uses and research projects.

The SIG will organise meetings periodically to discuss the application of AR/VR to specific fields and to showcase currently running projects applying this technology. In addition, the SIG will contact other SIG initiatives in the Netherlands and international partner universities (LERU) in order to share pedagogical experiences and research results over the added value of using these technologies. The SIG AR/VR will stimulate joint project proposals as much as possible.

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