Programme for Directors of Education

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The Director of Education in the Utrecht University has a central position. He or she is responsible for the quality of education and assessment, the accumulator for educational innovation and monitors that education and assessment corresponds with the demands of international peers but also with the principles of the Utrecht Educational Model. The Director of Education operates in a complex field and has a programmatic but not a hierarchic responsibility. Above that, the educational task has to compete with research and valorization.

In this concise programme the (forthcoming) Director of Education obtains knowledge and skills to perform this responsibility adequate. The programme is in addition with the Educational Leadership programme. The Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning coordinates the programme that exists of three meetings and a project for collegial exchange.

End terms

The forthcoming Directors of Education that followed this programme:

  • Are dwelled in the principles of the Utrecht Educational Model and can work by this principles in their own educational domain.
  • Know the task and authorities of the Director of Education at the Utrecht University
  • Possess the skills that make educational management effective
  • Know the administrative context and procedures within the educational domain at the Utrecht University
  • Have exchanged knowledge and experience with collegial Directors of Education
  • Have formed a twosome with a collegial Director of Education for exchange.