Course Didactics for Continuing Education

In addition to education for initial students, universities increasingly provide Continuing Education. This type of education brings many opportunities, but at the same time also comes with challenges for course design, supervision, and assessment. The characteristics, expectations, and (learning) needs of the professionals and the great diversity within the target group mean that this type of education requires a different approach than education for initial students.

This course supports lecturers among other things in the (further) development of Continuing Education, exchange of experiences with colleagues, and application of the learned material in practice.

Course content

The course consists of three plenary sessions and individual coaching, peer-to-peer feedback, and reciprocal exchange. Session 1 covers the vision on Continuing Education and the characteristics of Continuing Education, in session 2 we will cover the design of Continuing Education, session 3 is a review session in which the focus is on the application of the learned material in practice.

Target group

Lecturers and course designers of Continuing Education at universities.

Number of participants

8 - 16


Lecturers and course designers of Continuing Education at universities.

Programme supervision

The course will be given by Sanne Elling and Hester Glasbeek, Educational Development & Training, Utrecht University.


The course costs €1.990,-

A reduced rate applies for participants working at one of the four EWUU-partners (Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University, and UMC Utrecht).


Timeline course Continuing Education


Deadline registration

5 September 2024

Determination of group composition

9 September 2024

Preparation session 1

9 - 26 September 2024

Session 1

Thursday 26 September 2024

10-16 hours

Preparation session 2

26 September - 17 October 2024

Session 2

Thursday 17 October 2024

10-16 hours

Atelier assignments + individual coaching

17 October - 12 December 2024

Peer-feedback sessions

5 November 2024, 9-10 uur

12 November 2024, 9-10 uur

27 November 2024, 9-10 uur

4 December 2024, 9-10 uur

Session 3 concluding session

Thursday 12 December 2024

9.30-13 hours

Information en registration

Please register for the course via this link.


For more information, or a provisional registration you can contact:
Sanne Elling,