Academic education on a high standard starts with professional teachers who are educated as researcher and as teacher. The Utrecht University achieves this standard by systematic research and evaluation of education and a culture of continual innovation.

The full offer of the Utrecht University for teachers to develop themselves and to improve their education, is accommodated in the Centre for Academic Teaching. The Centre works as a front office for all activities on this matter that take place in the university and stimulates continuous improvement of education. Teachers can find information, support and training aimed at teacher development and educational innovation. With this the Centre for Academic Teaching contributes to high qualified education as may be expected from a university, corresponding with the student from nowadays.

Centre for Academic Teaching

University Library Uithof
1st floor
Heidelberglaan 3
3584 CS Utrecht

Opening hours
Monday till friday 09 AM - 5 PM


+31 (0)30 - 2536638


Centre for Academic Teaching: introduction

Manon Kluijtmans, Director van het Centre for Academic Teaching welcomes everyone and gives a short tour around the centre in the University Library at the Utrecht Science Park.


Docent met studenten van het programma InclUUsion.
9 April 2018
The Utrecht University has selected four educational projects that recieve a contribution from the Utrecht Education Incentive Fund (USO).
Esther van Dijk
22 March 2018
PhD candidate started with research to further develop theories about expertise of academic teachers.
13 March 2018
The Honours College and the Centre for Academic Teaching call faculties to nominate candidates before the 15th of March.




24 - 26
24 April 2018 09:00 - 26 April 2018 17:00
The Open Education Global Conference 2018 will take place from 24-26 April 2018 in Delft.
26 April 2018 15:15 - 17:00
This workshop deals with questions such as: What are intercultural competences and how can teachers use them?
26 April 2018 15:30 - 16:30
By professor Eric Jensen (Warwick University, UK)