Niels Bovenschen - Senior Fellow

Synergy in Research‐based Education

Niels Bovenschen

Both 21st century skills and deep learning of many students evolve good in a setting of research‐based education. In research-based education, students learn as researchers by being engaged in inquiry‐based activities, following the research‐cycle, and doing hands‐on ‘real world’ authentic research. Research‐based education requires a strong interplay between teaching and scientific research. This interplay often does not occur naturally and even has the tendency to diverge.

Niels’ ambition is to engage undergraduate students in science by creating synergy between education and scientific research already at the early undergraduate level. Niels: “I aim to convert my vision into a university‐wide strategic plan, coinciding with the development of novel didactic concepts, tools, and best‐practices. Undergraduate students should benefit from research, and research should benefit from students.” He will subsequently implement and scholarly evaluate these best‐practices at the faculty of Medicine.

Many Bachelor's students are more capable than one might think

Niels Bovenschen
Biomedical Sciences

In 2019, Niels Bovenschen was elected Teacher of the Year at Utrecht University. Read the full interview with him.

"Many Bachelor's students are more capable than one might think"