The Utrecht Young Academy was founded in 2016 as a platform for young academics who want to engage with and influence the University and Society. As of now, the Utrecht Young Academy has 48 members.

The Utrecht Young Academy has multiple organisational committees: Governance, Finance, Social Activities, Selection, Education Committee, Interdisciplinary Research and Communication. The UYA Board consists of one member from every committee. Every two years a new board is assembled. The chair and vice-chair are elected by the members during the general assembly.

Board as of 2020

Martine Veldhuizen (Chair)

Liesbeth van de Grift (Vice-Chair, Finance)

- Borja Martinovic (Social)

Erik van Sebille (Communications)

- Peter Pelzer (Governance)

- Madelijn Strick (Interdisciplinary Research)

- Tessa Diphoorn (Education Committee)

 Laurien Crump (Selection) 

Project Committees

The Utrecht Young Academy has multiple committees that working on projects focus on the three areas that are a part of its Mission: academia, policy and society.

Climate Change

Contact Persons: Liesbeth van de Grift and Niko Wanders

Members: João Trabucho Alexandre, Peter Bijl, Sanli Faez, Susanne Knittel, Elaine Mak, Peter Pelzer, Francien Peterse, Rianka Rijnhout, Erik van Sebille.


Contact Person: Jojanneke van der Toorn

Members: Fenella Fleischmann, Borja Martinovic, Brianne McGonigle, Divya Raj

Open Science

Contact Person: Sanli Faez

Members: Daniel Oberski, Lars Tummers

Town Hall Meetings

Contact Person: Peter Pelzer

Leden: João Trabucho Alexandre, Elaine Mak, Brianne McGonigle, Rianka Rijnhout.

True or False?

Contact Person: Tom Wennekes 

Members: Fenella Fleischmann, Tim Mainhard, Elaine Mak, Francien Peterse, Divja Raj, Joas Wagemakers

Public Engagement

The Utrecht Young Academy has a number of projects that engage with the city of Utrecht and society at large. Among these are our collaboration with Studium Generale, the elementary school project True or False?, the VMBO vlog project and The Utrecht Film Intervention.

Generational Project

Every Utrecht Young Academy generation organises a project on a topic that sparks their interest. The third generation organised the most recent generation project, the VMBO vlog project

Evaluation Report

In our Evaluation Report 2016-2019, you can find a summary of our history, current structure, past and ongoing projects and plans for the future.