Interdisciplinary Research

Industrialisation, digitalisation, and globalisation have all brought new challenges for society requiring cooperation of various types. Cooperation between scientists from different disciplines plays an important role in addressing such complex issues such as climate change or the circular economy. The Utrecht Young Academy therefore hosts a platform for interdisciplinary research. This platform aims to promote the exchange of ideas from researchers from different disciplines, to stimulate the growth of interdisciplinary knowledge, and to investigate its benefits and limits in addressing various academic and societal issues.

The platform for interdisciplinary research uses two working approaches:

  1. Holding annual meetings in which member of the Utrecht Young Academy bring one external guest (a colleague) to brainstorm on original ideas to start new interdisciplinary projects. The outcome of such meetings have been joint research proposals submitted for external funding;
  2. Inviting academics to share their experiences with interdisciplinary research and to discuss the benefits, limits, tips and tricks of engaging in research merging several disciplines.

Do you want to share your experience with interdisciplinary research? Please, contact Niko Wanders (