Studenten lopen samen een trap af
Photo by Bart Weerdenburg

One of the key aims of the Utrecht Young Academy is to increase interdisciplinary teaching and academics within Utrecht University. The way that education at Utrecht University is structured now, disciplines are headed towards isolation while interaction between fields has shown to be productive and refreshing. The UYA is in a unique position to create this platform because of the diversity of disciplines present in our group.

The Teaching Committee promotes and practices interdisciplinary education within UU on several levels. The group is developing and organising interdisciplinary lectures and seminars for students from all UU faculties, and shares best practices with colleagues university-wide. The existence of this platform is intended to open up different fields with the exchange of ideas and best practices, and to create synergies across departmental, disciplinary and faculty lines.

Interdisciplinary teaching is needed in order to address societal problems adequately, and to equip students with the skills and expertise they need to tackle them.

The Teaching Committee is connected with TAUU and CAT, and is working closely with Descartes College. For more information on UYA's activities around interdisciplinary teaching, contact Martijn Huysmans