True or False?

The Utrecht Young Academy, in collaboration with the University Museum Utrecht, presents True or False?: an free educational programme in which researchers show primary school children how science works. What exactly is science, and how do you conduct research? An afternoon programme not just to follow class, but with opportunities for children to actually contribute to the professor’s research.

In this project, members of the Utrecht Young Academy conduct scientific experiments together with primary school children (group 5/6) at schools in the Utrecht region. The aim is to promote scholarly thinking among young children and let them experience how interesting and fun science can be, as well as to be able to distinguish ‘alternative’ from ‘actual’ facts.


In the first edition of True or False? over 400 children in 12 primary schools across the province of Utrecht engaged with science through the topic ‘Humor: does laughing make you more creative’, related to research by former UYA member Madelijn Strick. In 2021, pupils dived into the theme ‘Sugar: is sugar always sweet?’, connected to the research of former UYA member Tom Wennekes. They also investigated the theme 'You snooze, you lose', connected to the research of former UYA member Borja Martinovic. The programme will be on offer by the Utrecht University Museum, with the aim of reaching around 1000 children annually in Utrecht and the surrounding area. Each year, UYA members will add at least one topic to True or False? and will participate in its execution at primary schools.

For more information on True or False, please contact Martijn Huysmans.