True or False?

The Utrecht Young Academy, in collaboration with 
Wetenschapsknooppunt, presents True or False?: an educational programme in which researchers show primary school children how science works. What is science exactly, and how does one conduct good research? An afternoon programme not with children following classes, but with opportunities for children to actually contribute to the professor’s research.

True or False

In the first True or False? class, we research Humour. We all laugh; laughing feels good. But… how does it affect our lives? For example: the way we think, our health, or how much we like other people. Dr. Madelijn Strick researches this at Utrecht University and needs the help of real goofballs! Watch her vlog about humour below and see if maybe you can help her!

Humour makes creative: True or False?
Vlog of Dr. Madelijn Strick about Humour

For more information on True or False, please contact dr. ing. Tom Wennekes.