Dr. Sanne Akerboom

Dr. Sanne Akerboom (photo: Ed van Rijswijk)

Sanne Akerboom is an assistant professor of Regulation and Governance of the Energy Transition at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University and Director of the Sustainable Industry Lab. She studied law and political science at the University of Amsterdam.

She studies the energy transition from a legal and social sciences perspective. Today she works on transformative law for sustainability and energy transitions and deals with regulatory and governance structures for renewable electricity production, the built environment, and the energy-intensive industry. Her work focuses on the role of law and the role of governments in the energy transition and its relation to society, including the concept of the “Just Transitions”.

How can we accelerate the energy transition and how can regulation and governance promote a just transition?

Sanne Akerboom has been a member of the Utrecht Young Academy, a bridge between young and talented researchers, since 2022.