Mission of the Utrecht Young Academy

The Utrecht Young Academy (UYA) brings together a diverse group of young academics who openly exchange critical perspectives on academia, policy and society in Utrecht and beyond. 

The mission of the Utrecht Young Academy can be split up in three areas: academia, policy and society.

Utrecht Young Academy and Academia

  • the UYA is a collaboration platform and network for the exchange and generation of ideas among young academics in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and the world;
  • the UYA is committed to multidisciplinarity and inclusivity in research and education;
  • the UYA promotes open science within academia.

Utrecht Young Academy and Policy

  • the UYA contributes actively to evidence-based policy on all levels of government both in and outside the university;
  • the UYA gives a voice to young academics by reaching out to policy-makers in order to influence science and education policy in and outside Utrecht.

Utrecht Young Academy and Society

  • the UYA makes science accessible and promotes open science in society; 
  • the UYA promotes scholarly thinking in society;
  • the UYA stimulates an open discussion about the role of university in society.