The Centre for Unusual Collaborations (CUCo) is one of the core teams in the Strategic Alliance between Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht. The Centre has been set up by the Young Academies of the four institutions in the Strategic Alliance. The idea is that by joining forces, we will be able to address the societal challenges of today and of the future in a more sustainable way.

The Centre aims to find solutions by stimulating and facilitating opportunities for unusual collaborations between young academics within the Strategic Alliance. By taking away as many barriers as possible for young academics, the Centre wants to encourage the set-up of research between researchers that would otherwise not collaborate. This means that research with high risk and high gains is part and parcel of the Centre’s mentality. This mentality is made explicit by learning from failures and by sharing best practices and results. If you are interested in collaborating, please read more about the two grants open for application.

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