Dr. Michelle van Vliet

Dr. Michelle van Vliet is an Associate Professor at the Department of Physical Geography. In her research she focusses on global change impacts in relation to water resources availability and quality for energy and food production, and ecosystems. After obtaining her PhD at Wageningen University, she received a Niels Stensen Fellowship to continue her research at IIASA and Princeton University. As part of her VENI project, she developed a new concept of water scarcity including water quality. Recently she was awarded an ERC Starting Grant and VIDI grant to study the interactions between clean water and energy resources, and analyze the drivers and solutions of clean water scarcity under droughts and heatwaves in regions worldwide.

How can we provide sufficient and clean water resources in our changing world?

Michelle van Vliet has been a member of the Utrecht Young Academy, a bridge between young and talented researchers, since 2021.