An active, independent, and diverse group of young researchers
Introducing the Utrecht Young Academy

The Utrecht Young Academy (UYA) is a select group of 30 enthusiastic and ambitious young academics at Utrecht University. Operating as an independent organisation within the university, the UYA aims to exchange critical perspectives on academia, policy, and society in Utrecht and beyond.

It is a collaboration platform for generating ideas among young academics and influencing decision-makers on science and education policy. Throughout the year, UYA members organise a wide variety of inspiring activities for scholars, students and the public in order to boost the relationship between academia and society.

Interested in becoming a member?

UYA members come from all backgrounds, fields and disciplines, and have a passion for science and the humanities. Every year, 8 new members will be selected and UYA is now soliciting applications for new members. Please read the guidelines for the selection procedure for more information.


8 October 2018
Angela Sarabdjitsingh, neuroscientist and UYA vice-chairwoman, is together with a UYA work group critical of NWO's new application conditions.
25 September 2018
Utrecht Young Academy is looking for excellent young UU-researchers
Prof. dr. Elaine Mak
18 September 2018
"We can be an even better reflection of society"
Plantsoenendienst sproeit uitgedroogd grasveldje
27 August 2018
A few days of rain is not sufficient to beat the drought, explains drought expert Niko Wanders from Utrecht University.
UYA ''Summer'' Wordcloud
24 July 2018
What keeps the UYA-members busy during the Summer?




27 November 2018 20:00 - 21:30
We look back on the year that has passed: which events would we rather leave behind, which memories do we cherish? An evening on our memory and our forgetting.