Student Awards

Many students of Utrecht University deliver excellent results in the field of their studies or beyond. Utrecht University is proud of these students and to reward them, it has instituted a number of student awards.

Best Master's Thesis and Exceptional Extracurricular Achievements

During the start of the academic year, the rector magnificus awards two students: one for Best Master's Thesis and one for Exceptional Extracurricular Achievements.

The winners of 2019


Everyone, inside or outside Utrecht University can nominate a student for the Exceptional Extracurricular Achievements award. Check out the criteria and procedure. A Director of Education or Research Director of the Master’s programme can nominate a student for the award Best Master's Thesis. The student has to meet certain specific criteria.

Other student awards
Prof. dr. Hans Vliegenthart met Eva Heeger, winnares Vliegenthart scriptieprijs 2015 tijdens de Universiteitsdag 2016.

The Vliegenthart Thesis Prize

Every year, the Utrecht University Fund awards the Vliegenthart Thesis Prize. The prize involves the sum of € 2,000 and is awarded in turn to the disciplines of Humanities, Life Sciences, Science and Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Johanna Schulting en Quirine van der Meer Mohr

Faculty Thesis Awards

The faculties of Sciences, Humanities, and Social and Behavioural Sciences (Dutch) reward the best (Master's) thesis within their faculty with a Thesis Award.