Futuring for Sustainability Summer School

LERU Summer School 2022

In 2022 the LERU summer school will be hosted and organised by the Urban Futures Studio of Utrecht University. Its theme will be The University of the Future, Rethinking the role of universities worldwide in the face of the challenges of the 21st century.

Participants are LERU university PhD candidates who are elected on the basis of a university-wide selection process. PhD students of Utrecht University are warmly invited to apply for a placement by submitting a CV and a motivation letter to the secretary of their Graduate School.

The Urban Futures Studio won't be organising the Futuring for Sustainability summer school this year.

What we do in the present is profoundly influenced by our expectations of our futures. The annual 'Futuring for Sustainability Summer School' is an interactive course where we teach students to understand how techniques of futuring contribute to realizing societal transformations towards sustainability: living well equitably within ecological means.

Learn to imagine positive futures and mobilize to achieve them in a democratic fashion. Develop an understanding of futuring techniques including scenario planning, modelling, backcasting, experiential futuring, art-based approaches and design. As a participant you will try out these techniques by experimenting in a real-world setting in work studio sessions. This summer school builds students’ capacity to develop new visions and imaginations of possible futures and alternative sustainability pathways. Interested to know more? Contact our coordinator, Jeroen Oomen.

The Futuring for Sustainability Summer School is organised in collaboration with Pathways to Sustainability.

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