The Urban Futures Studio is devoted to the study of positive urban futures and of ways to get there. We investigate what we call ‘Techniques of Futuring’. We are a transdisciplinary institute; we conduct empirical research on existing practices, but also help to initiate experiments. We are convinced that new thinking starts in ‘crossovers’ between distinct disciplines, and in coalitions of new and old agents of change.


Cooling the planet
25 June 2019
The lacklustre political response to the climate crisis is fuelling the call for resolute technological interventions, observes Jeroen Oomen.
Sunset at Utrecht Central Station, the Netherlands
11 March 2019
From July 8th to July 12th Urban Futures Studio hosts the Futuring for Sustainability Summerschool. Apply before June 1th 2019.
4 February 2019
Report and video registration of the Pathways to Sustainability conference 2019 with memorable keynotes by Diederik Samsom and Harvard Prof Sheila Jasanoff.
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Vanessa Timmer

Dr. Vanessa Timmer