Climate Confessions — the religion in sustainability

Climate Confessions is a monthly blog series in which Timothy Stacey reveals the “religious repertoires” associated with sustainability in various sectors. From the myths of great floods that dominate in Dutch politics to the rituals of reconnecting with other humans and the other-than-human found among activists, each month, Tim invites you into the repertoires that lurk beneath the surface, shaping sustainability in an otherwise secular world.

Timothy Stacey laughing with one hand on is head, photographed from the side

Tim is a researcher and lecturer at the Urban Futures Studio. As well as undertaking research into the repertoires found in various settings, he collaborates with policymakers, designers, and activists to develop new repertoires that advance social, economic, and ecological justice. For more formal reflections, see Tim’s peer-reviewed research: To discuss how repertoires might transform your practice, get in touch