Below you will find a selection of publications by members of the Urban Futures Studio. This page is currently under development and will be expanded in the coming weeks.

The roles of new foresight methods in urban sustainability transformations

This paper by Joost Vervoort and Astrid Mangnus outlines a new conceptual approach for increasing understanding of how new foresight processes impact efforts toward urban sustainability transformations.

"The roles of new foresight methods in urban sustainability transformations"

Inaugural Lecture

On March 17 2017, Maarten Hajer delivered his inaugural lecture as Professor of Urban Futures at the Faculty of Geosciences. The full-text of the lecture is available in both Dutch and English through the links below. 

"De Macht van de Verbeelding"  /  "The Power of the Imagination" 

Learning with Cities, Learning for Cities

"Learning with Cities, Learning for Cities" by Suzanne Potjer and Maarten Hajer analyses the experimental potential of the Urban Agenda for the EU. The essay presents the central principles of this innovative working method (local, horizontal, and vertical) and calls for these principles to be synthesised into a comprehensive system of experimental learning.

"Learning with Cities, Learning for Cities"

Dies Natalis Lecture

On March 27 2017, Maarten Hajer delivered the Dies Natalis lecture. The theme of the Dies celebration was "Town and Gown". The full-text of Maarten's lecture is available through the link below. 

"Seeing Eye to Eye: On Castles and Cities"