Commuting Survival Wear

Suit and helmet for overcrowded commuting (photo by Jikke de Gruijter)
Right to mobility (2033)

"Crowds so dense that you can hardly move or breathe, stuffy air with soaring temperatures, people fainting, violence, and the constant feeling of unsafety. This was a common image of public transport in the early 2030's in Utrecht. A growing number of citizens blamed the government for their deteriorated access to mobility, as a consequence of strict climate regulations and urban segregation. The municipality of Utrecht tried to meet to their demands by providing free public transport for all, known as the 'Right to Mobility Program'. Unfortunately, chaos ensued.

Traveling by public transport became an exhausting, frightening activity. Many residents from Utrecht were forced to commute this way every day. It was therefore not surprising that they felt compelled to protect themselves against the dangers in public transport. As a result, all kinds of new, self-made protective layers were attached to clothing. The outfit displayed here was worn by a businessman in 2033 and was representative of this time. The grim impression of this way of dressing reflects the difficulty to increase accessibility for all groups in society while maintaining safety and comfort in a mobility system under pressure.

Source: found in thrift shop ‘Emmaus Parkwijk’ in Utrecht.

Curated by: Rolien de Jong, Margot Visschers, Stella Münninghoff & Koen Faber."

Text from the Mobility Museum 2050