A Canon of Change: how the Dutch Delta reached 2100

rhine river bank with a view from above and title the rhine parliament
2041: The Rhine Parliament (Museum for the Future)

This event is part of the Mixed Classroom 2020 - 2021

In November 2020 the Urban Futures Studio organised the fifth edition of the Mixed Classroom ‘Techniques of Futuring’. This year’s theme: urbanization in the Dutch delta in the face of climate change. Over a period of two months, students worked together with policymakers to create fictional ‘icons’ from the future, telling the story of how the Dutch Delta reached 2010. These artefacts together make up A Canon of Change.

The course is based on the idea that an effective response to societal challenges requires the creation of tangible images of possible and desirable futures. The presentations of the icons happened in an imaginative online setting, broadcasted from the year 2100.

A Canon of Change: How the Dutch Delta reached 2100 was launched at 26 January 2021. It forms a part of the website www.museumforthefuture.nl. Learn more about A Canon of Change by visiting the website!