Prof. Dr. Marijk van der Wende
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Higher Education Systems
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Marijk van der Wende is the Dean of Graduate Studies at Utrecht University. She is responsible for supporting the development of graduate programs and for the further organisation and enhancement of the seven graduate schools in Utrecht University. She reports to the Rector Magnificus.  

She is a professor of Higher Education in the Utrecht University School of Governance. Her research focuses on Higher Education Systems within the context of the UU strategic research theme on Institutions.

Her inaugural lecture entitled "Opening up higher education systems in global perspective" was delivered on 12 December 2016.


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Marijk van der Wende was the Founding Dean of Amsterdam University College (2007-2015) and previously held professorial positions at VU University Amsterdam (2006-2015) and the University of Twente (CHEPS) (2001-2008).

She was a visiting scholar at the University of California Berkeley (Center for Studies in Higher Education), Harvard University (Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies and Graduate School of Education), Boston College (Centre for International Higher Education), and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Center for World-Class Universities and Graduate School of Education).

She served as the President of the programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE) of the OECD (2005-2011), as a member of the Higher Education Authority Ireland (2011-2015), the Scientific Board of the Dutch Military Academy (2007-2013), and worked at NUFFIC (the Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education) (1992-1998), and the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) in Brussels (1994-1998). She has been a chair and member of numerous national and international advisory committees and editorial boards. 

She holds BA degrees in teaching and pedagogy, and MA and PhD degrees in educational sciences, from the University of Amsterdam and the University of Utrecht respectively.

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Recent selected publications (open PDF under CV for full publication list).

Wende, M.C. van der (2017). Opening Up: Higher Education Systems in Global Perspective . CGHE Working Paper 22. Centre for Global Higher Education Working Paper. University College London.

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Forthcoming / in press:

Wende, M.C. van der. Reframing universities’ global engagement for an open society. In: Helga Nowotny (ed.) Prospects and Future-Tasks of Universities. Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development (for Alpbach Forum 2017).

Damme, D. van & M.C. van der Wende. Global higher education governance. In: B. Cantwell, H. Coates, and R. King (eds.) Handbook on the Politics of Higher Education, Edward Elgar.

Vught, F.A. van, M.C. van der Wende & D.F. Westerheijden. Opening up: theoretical and methodological approaches for the study of higher education systems in global context. In: J. Huisman & M. Tight (eds). Theory and Method in Higher Education Research, Vol 4. Emerald. 

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Marijk van der Wende's research focuses on the impact of globalisation and internationalization on higher education. 

She has published widely on how these processes affect higher education systems, institutions, curricula, and teaching and learning arrangements.

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Marijk van der Wende is a Faculty Affiliate and Research Associate at the Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE) at the University of California, Berkeley.

She is a member of the Academia Europaea (the Academy of Europe), section behavioral sciences.

She is a member of the International Advisory Board of the Centre for the Study of World Class Universities, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, of the Board of the Rathenau Institute for Science and Technology in Society, the Board of the Amsterdam University College Scholarship Fund (ASF), the LR Rabobank Amsterdam, and various editorial boards and committees. 


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