Sanatorium for temporal confusion

Welcome! We’re thrilled to greet you as a new therapist in the Sanatorium for Temporal Confusion. As part of your introduction to our facility, we ask you to develop a therapy or intervention for our guests suffering from temporal confusion. When successful, your therapy might become part of our regular treatment program. This leaflet gives you some background about our origins, theoretical model and practical approach. Treatment in our sanatorium for temporal confusion helps people suffering from temporal confusion to break free of deeply ingrained thought patterns. We offer a uniquely holistic approach, focusing on the underlying factors of seemingly individual problems.  

Time out to change your mind

The sanatorium tradition started in the nineteenth century when George Bodington opened a facility for sufferers from pulmonary consumption, a disease currently known as tuberculosis. Antibiotics had not yet been invented, and Bodington argued that a regimen of rest and good nutrition offered the best chance to help patients’ immune systems. His contemporaries thought the idea was ridiculous, and his facility was soon converted into an asylum. However, as happens so often, the seemingly absurd idea was ahead of its time, and tuberculosis sanatoria became common throughout Europe and later in the United States. Typically, sanatoria were built in isolated mountain or forest areas, where the air was thought to be best. The sanatorium tradition declined after the discovery of antibiotics capable of curing tuberculosis. Unfortunately – or maybe not – there is no easy cure for temporal confusion. Like our tb-oriented forerunners, we aim to create a healing climate for our guests. And as in earlier times, a certain amount of isolation is crucial to develop this healing climate.