Imagining low-carbon futures

purple banner with white rock-like shape and text 'imagining low-carbon futures'


Deadline: 9 January 2022

As climate impacts are becoming increasingly visible, the need to transform towards a low-carbon future is now more evident than ever. We need more compelling imaginaries of what such a low-carbon future may look like and what possible pathways towards this future may be. The Urban Futures Studio (Utrecht University) initiates an art-science collaboration centred around imagining low-carbon futures.


In a 6-months collaboration starting in March 2022, the selected artist will work closely together with academic researchers towards an artistic intervention. Rather than ‘communicating science’, we aim to explore new ways to configure artistic and scientific approaches to imagine low-carbon futures that could incite a more meaningful climate debate.


This collaboration is embedded in a PhD project on exploring new roles for climate modelling in imagining low-carbon futures. The Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht acts as a supporting partner in this art-science collaboration.

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