Associate researchers

  • Dr. Ronald Pijnenburg is project manager of EPOS-NL, the Dutch branch of EPOS, a European data portal for solid Earth Sciences.
  • Dr. Jianye Chen is a researcher with a special interest in nucleation and runaway processes associated with large earthquakes.

External researchers

  • dr. Peter Fokker

    Senior Reservoir Geomechanics Scientist
  • Dr. Peter Fokker is a Senior Reservoir Geomechanics Scientist in the team “Applied Geosciences” of TNO and a guest researcher at the Department of Earth Sciences.
  • Team Lead Geomechanics
  • Dr. Jan ter Heege Is Team Lead Geomechanics at TNO. He aims to facilitate innovative research on topics such as hydrogen storage, induced seismicity, geothermal energy, CO2 storage, subsidence and well integrity.
  • Researcher geomechanics
  • Brecht Wassing is a researcher at the geomechanics group of the TNO Applied Geosciences department, I am involved in research related to topics such as hydrogen storage, geothermal energy, CO2 storage and mining.